Tips & Tricks I learned from the Writers Group Convention, Brisbane 2018

Writers Group Convention, Brisbane 2018

I spent last Saturday morning attending this terrific event. For a humble $20 outlay, I gathered some fabulous information.

Quick summary of bits and pieces that interested me:

Covers and Merchandise

I am a keen proponent of indie-publishing, so spent a lot of time checking out covers, bookmarks, book interiors etc on the display stands. Tips that worked for me:

  • I prefer matte covers for fiction, gloss for non-fiction
  • I prefer a simple interior rather than one with curly wurly graphics
  • Bookmarks are fab giveaways! I’m using mine already (and I came straight home and made some – they are winging their way to me from the online printer as I type – fingers crossed they look okay
  • Some booksellers had their table “themed”, e.g. with coloured cloth, and it looked terrific


I have been asked to speak at a writers’ event later in the year, and I am a bit nervous about it. Tips from the conference:

  • I don’t need to be nervous! The audience was SO invested in being there, they were interested in everything, and the atmosphere at the conference was so friendly and supportive. Writers and readers are great people 🙂
  • Practise with a microphone. Some people spoke too closely into it and it made PPHH noises; some people spoke too far away from it and their words grew indistinct. No doubt microphone quality varies widely as well …
  • This is going to seem totally vain – but wear blusher! It was totally working for the blush wearers on stage 🙂
  • Everyone who spoke gave their website a gentle plug AND gave people a reason to visit it, for example – no need to take notes, you can go on my website and find this talk there

Finding new authors

Conferences are a great way to find new authors to read. I found a new one, and bought book one in a series, and I’m already half way through. I’m loving the book even more because the author, Rachel Amphlett, gave a smashing talk on her writing & publishing process. Thank you! Too many great tips from Rachel to summarise in my lowly blog, but here is a photo of the book I purchased (with its fabulous cover)



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