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The Travelling Heart: a journey with author Megan Mayfair

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This month, The Travelling Heart talks to author Megan Mayfair about the settings that inspired her recently released women’s fiction title, The Things We Leave Unsaid, and its two soon-to-be-released companion novels.  Megan Mayfair author imageWhat romantic destination did you choose for your novel, and why?

I decided that my hometown of Melbourne was the perfect setting for The Things We Leave Unsaid. It’s a diverse, multicultural city with a fabulous food and coffee scene. Tessa’s café was inspired by the sorts of cafes I see in my local area and greater Melbourne.

How bookworthy is Melbourne as a setting?

I’ve lived in Melbourne my whole life and feel it is a great setting. Hidden laneways, trendy bars, amazing galleries and dinging trams make it atmospheric and interesting. Not to mention the weather – it’s kind of a character on its own!

Melbourne pops up a bit in fiction, perhaps due to a strong arts culture and community. The Australian classic, The Getting of Wisdom – a favourite of mine – is set in Melbourne.

Did you discover any intriguing facts or snippets of local history when you researched your settings?


The immigration patterns have absolutely contributed to the vibrant food, wine and coffee culture we see in Melbourne. My own Italian ancestors were involved in the food and wine industries, like my main character, Tessa’s were and wandering around Melbourne you can see the influence of many different cultures in the form restaurants, markets and the arts.





Megan publishes a newsletter so readers can keep up with release dates of her upcoming titles, which you can find here.

The Travelling Heart is convinced; Melbourne sounds perfect.

The Travelling Heart blod header♥ Romantic? Yes
♥ Book-worthy? Yes
♥ Intriguing? Yes

Melboune has definitely found a place on The Travelling Heart’s map of romantic destinations for book lovers.

You can find out more about Megan Mayfair and her books on her Facebook page, or on her website.



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