The Travelling Heart: a book lover’s journey with author Megan Mayfair

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This month, The Travelling Heart settles into a chair at the airport next to author Megan Mayfair to talk about the setting that inspired her just-released novel Tangled Vines.

What romantic destination have you chosen, Megan?

Tangled Vines is set in regional Victoria, specifically the Bendigo and Heathcote areas. The Doyle’s sprawling homestead, Mulberry Estate, is set just out of Bendigo and my main character. Frederick, has his winery, Fox & Grey, in Heathcote. The locations are close to one another and my characters shuttle between the two locations.

How bookworthy is regional Victoria?

My inspiration

This is a photo I took at Blairgownie Estate – a winery located in the same region as the fictional Fox & Grey winery.

I’ve always loved this area of Victoria – the Bendigo and Heathcote areas. They are beautiful areas with lovely natural landscapes, lush gardens and gorgeous architecture such as the historic Bendigo Town Hall and the Bendigo Art Gallery.  Both areas are increasingly popular now for fantastic restaurants, produce and wine. The Heathcote area is particularly known for shiraz and I thought it was a perfect spot for Frederick to have his winery, in close proximity to his family’s home in nearby Bendigo.

And for the history buffs?

Gold was discovered in Bendigo in 1851 and is one of a number of Victorian towns that boomed as part of the ‘Gold Rush’ in the 1850s and 1860s.

Tangled Vines just got added to The Travelling Heart’s must-read list.

You can find Tangled Vines on Amazon or via this link here. If you’re interested in reading more of Megan’s fiction, why not visit her web page here? She has a sensation newsletter once a month, too, with loads of goodies for lovers of reading – just sign up on her web page to stay informed.

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Ready to book a plane ticket?

You’re not alone. The Travelling Heart would love to visit Bendigo and Heathcote: a shiraz, a good book, and a romantic destination. And if you can’t make it in person, you can visit via Tangled Vines.

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Safe travels, Stella Quinn xx

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