The Traveling Heart: journey to New York City with author Rachael Eliker

The Traveling Heart chats to Rachael Eliker

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This month, The Traveling Heart talks to author Rachael Eliker about choosing New York City as the setting in her Pop Star Romantic Comedy series. The third in the series, See a Star Rise, is having a 99c promotion from February 11 to February 16, 2019 … that’s a tiny price tag for a romantic journey to New York! Check it out here.

Rachael, what made you choose New York City for your series?

For my Pop Star Romantic Comedy series, a majority of the main characters’ time takes place in New York City. Though I’ve never visited—and if I’m honest, can’t really imagine myself ever living there—it’s a place I find fascinating and would love to visit someday. There are so many nationalities and cultures, arts, food, parks, history…it seems to have it all! NYC is also a hub for music recording/production, so it made sense for Ruby, Kiki, Monica, and Vanessa to make their dreams as singers come true there.

New York, New York … we’ve all heard the song. But authors love New York as much as songwriters do, right?

It certainly isn’t a secret that NYC is a popular place for fiction books. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald or Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote come to mind, as well as a handful of newer fiction.

I’m a country girl at heart, but occasionally enjoy a trek into the city to see what it has to offer. NYC is one of those iconic mega cities that encompasses so much, from food to arts to music. That was part of the pull for my romantic comedy series—not only did it make sense for the characters’ careers but it also presented some great opportunities to include eclectic experiences for them.

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Rachael, do you have a personal connection with New York City?

Though I haven’t visited NYC myself, I have members in my family tree who came through Ellis island as they immigrated to the United States, and I think it would be so neat to walk in the same part of the world that they did before settling down.

Fancy a journey to New York City via Rachael’s Pop Star Romantic Comedy series? You can find more by visiting Rachael’s facebook page, or on Rachael’s website.

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Rachael Eliker and I both have a romance novella being published by Literary Crush Publishing, and the pre-order just went live on Amazon … here’s the link. Five stories, five romantic destinations, five swoon-worthy happy endings …

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