December 2018 Newsletter & Book Chat

December romance and women’s fiction book chat with Stella Quinn. FREE reads for you.

Such a lot to share with you this December.

  • A new release! Catching Snow, this year’s Christmas novella, is up for preorder now, release date December 1st.
  • Free reads from me and my author friend Megan Mayfair … if you love a heart-warming short story you can read over coffee, you’ll love these
  • A wrap up of what’s been happening in blogland over the past few months:
    • The Travelling Heart (my own blog, where I interview authors about the romantic destinations they’ve chosen for their novels
    • Espresso Tales, Megan Mayfair’s blog interviewing authors about their backstories
    • My Illustrated Review, Jayne Kingsley’s illustrated re-imaginings of her favorite authors’ characters (and their clothes, because Jayne is a style guru)
    • The Upcoming Famous & Fabulous Romance Writers blog on the RWA website

Read on to check it all out! And wishing you a wonderful holiday season


It took a heartbeat to assess the front door – ajar when he’d had it shut and locked – but a heartbeat was all it took to have his gun in his hand and every cop sense he’d honed in fifteen years on the force screaming intruder.

Then a woman stepped into the cabin and his cop thoughts scrambled. Man thoughts came rushing in, filling the vacuum that had been created by the rapid exit of his common sense and intuition. Hot, urgent, pulse-hammering man thoughts.


Love a free read? Who doesn’t? Not one, but TWO free reads this month, one from me, and one from my writing friend Megan Mayfair. Two short stories where our heros and heroines must decide … who chooses your future? You, or fate?

The Tarot Reader

Hamish’s business is struggling. He needs some luck soon or the whole thing could go under. Turning to local markets to spread the word, he finds Patricia – tarot reader, oracle and oneirocritic. Are her talents key to his future, or is she not quite as she seems?

Click here to collect your free read




Finding Betty-Lou

Ever wondered what it would be like to meet your destiny on a cattle property in outback Australia? Now’s your chance to find out, in this heart-warming short story.  Click here to collect your free read


Blog Wrap Up

Below are a sample of some of the fun I’ve had reading / writing/ following blogs lately.

I am part of a group of writers, the Upcoming Famous & Fabulous Romance Writers, who post a monthly blog on the Romance Writers of Australia blog. If you are thinking about dipping your toe into the lagoon of romance writing, our blog posts may be for you. We talk about our journeys from newbies to published, and the fun (and not so fun!) moments along the way.

Megan Mayfair, who has kindly offered up a free short story in this newsletter, runs an entertaining blog called Espresso Tales, where she chats to authors about their work over coffee.

The Travelling Heart is my own blog, which I have recently started. Romance, adventure and escape are the ideals underpinning my romance writing, and so this blog is dedicated to learning more about the romantic destinations of the world in which writers choose to set their novels. You can journey to the far corners of the earth from the comfort of your reading chair. (It’s cheaper, too! A free journey, for when your travel budget is about as big as a quail’s egg.)

My writing friend Jayne Kingsley has just started a blog called My Illustrated Review, where she reimagines characters from a novel she has read and loved. Her drawings are exquisite! Imagine making up a character in words on a page, writing a description of their hair, their eyes, their quirks … and then seeing a beautiful ink and water color version of it! What lucky, lucky authors to be featured on her.


The Travelling Heart blod header.

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