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December 2018 Newsletter & Book Chat

December romance and women’s fiction book chat with Stella Quinn. FREE reads for you. Such a lot to share with you this December. A new release! Catching Snow, this year’s Christmas novella, is up for preorder now, release date December 1st. Free reads from me and my author friend Megan Mayfair … if you love a heart-warming short story you can read over coffee, you’ll love these A wrap up of what’s been happening in blogland over the past few months: The Travelling Heart (my own blog, where I interview authors about the romantic destinations they’ve chosen for their novels Espresso Tales, Megan Mayfair’s blog interviewing authors about their backstories My Illustrated Review, Jayne Kingsley’s illustrated re-imaginings of her favorite authors’ characters (and their clothes, because Jayne is a style guru) The Upcoming Famous & Fabulous Romance Writers blog on the RWA website Read on to check it all out!…

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The Travelling Heart - Stella Quinn chats to Jillian Jones

The Travelling Heart: a journey with author Jillian Jones

LATITUDE 47.2692° N, LONGITUDE 11.4041° E This month, The Travelling Heart talks to author Jillian Jones about the setting that inspired her upcoming contemporary romance The Three Date Rule.   What romantic destination did you choose for your novel, and why? Choosing one destination of the myriads of options in my novel, The Three Date Rule, was a challenge. The novel opens at The Melbourne Cup. This event takes place each year on the first Tuesday of November and my husband and I had the opportunity to attend in 2013. It’s a curious social wonder, filled with glamour and excitement and it definitely captured my imagination, inspiring the ‘meet cute’ for my Christmas themed story. My hero and heroine, Ryan and Kate, later end up on an organised Christmas tour of Austria and finally, they celebrate New Year in Switzerland. When the idea of the story presented itself, I saw…

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The Travelling Heart: a book lover's journey to romantic destinations with Stella Quinn

The Travelling Heart: a journey with author Darry Fraser

LATITUDE 35.9667° S, LONGITUDE 145.6500° E This month, The Travelling Heart talks to author Darry Fraser about the settings that inspired her historical rural romances.  What romantic destinations have you chosen for your novels, and why? Daughter of the Murray and Where The Murray River Runs are set on the banks of the Murray River, in Victoria, Australia. The Murray River has been in my blood since the mid sixties when as a child the family moved to Swan Hill for Dad’s job. I guess country has always been in my blood though I’m the only one of three kids all born in the city who took to the bush as soon as I could. There’s a serenity about the river, and it has a strength that, even though we humans continue to muck it up, seems to say that no matter what, it will prevail. It truly is a mighty…

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Instafreebie show case: what happened and what next?

In May, Finding the Betsy-Jade joined a bunch of other romance stories in an Aussie Kiwi showcase. Over 10,000 claims were made (as in, free stories downloaded). End results: 405 of those claims were for my story, which is fun. And thankyou to those people who signed up to my (very infrequent) newsletter. I’m one of those people who find newsletters a bit of a pest cluttering up my inbox, so I will only ever send one out to alert readers of a new release. I’ve left the story up on Instafreebie as a solo giveaway until the end of June. The link to the story is here   If that doesn’t work, here’s what you need to type into your browser:

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What exciting announcement is happening on Saturday August 18?

Romance writers from Australia and beyond will be gathered in the ballroom of the Sydney Sofitel on Saturday, 18th August, 2018, to hear the results of RWA Australia’s annual competitions. Thrillingly, Stowaway is one of the finalists for the RWA Emerald Award. The award’s criteria are (according to the RWA website): The Emerald Award is our major contest for unpublished writers, and offers a unique opportunity to have your full manuscript judged if you make the second round. Initial entry is the first 10,000 words of your manuscript. The Emerald Pro is an equivalent contest for published writers who wish to try a new sub-genre they’ve never published in before. This year the final round is being judged by Liz Pelletier, CEO of Entangled Publishing. Fingers crossed! (If you’re wondering why I have a  book cover for an unpublished book – I love making them. I often make the book cover…

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RWA Blog #6: Cracking the W.I.P

This month, the Upcoming Fabulous & Famous Romance Writers turned their minds to their WIPS. What is making them tear their hair out? What’s working? Check out the full blog on the Romance Writers of Australia website here. Or … read it in full below 🙂   Challenges new writers face with their Works In Progress Everyone has a WIP on the go, right? A Work-In-Progress? Or maybe you have three on the go, or eight, and a hard-drive stuffed with gigabytes of words you’ll never deem fit to print. This month, the Upcoming Famous & Fabulous Romance Writers thought we’d share our current WIP dramas and triumphs with you. We especially hope that any newbies out there who are feeling a little flayed will find some encouragement in our words. You’re not alone! HELP NEEDED! STELLA QUINN’S WIP FELL INTO A PLOT HOLE I started the new year feeling pretty…

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RWA Blog #5 – Attending a writers’ conference? You’re not alone

For our May 2018 post, the Upcoming Famous & Fabulous Romance Writers  thought through our experiences from attending the Romance Writers of Australia annual conference – what we learned, was it intimidating, was it amazing … You can read our article on the RWA blog here, or the full text is reprinted below. (If the graphic image seems perplexing – the theme for the cocktail party on the opening night of the RWA Conference 2018 is Tiaras & Tuxedos.) As the 2018 Sydney Conference is currently a hot topic in the RWA world The Upcoming Famous and Fabulous Romance Writers are tackling the issue in this month’s RWA blog.   Firstly, Lou Greene addresses The Big Question: To attend conference or not to attend.   I’ve been trying to talk myself out of buying a ticket for the RWA Conference this year. I’m not strictly a romance writer and it…

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RWA Blog #4 – Writers share the best and worst advice they’ve received

For their April blog, the Upcoming Famous & Fabulous Romance Writers looked at the best and worst advice they’d received along their writing journey.   You can read the blog on the Romance Writer’s of Australia website here, or below is the full text.   “Do you want a piece of advice?” Isn’t it funny? When people ask you if you want a piece advice, the chances are you’re going to hear it regardless of how you respond.   This is especially the case for anyone who happens to let it slip they’re attempting to write fiction. Suddenly everyone – from the next door neighbour to the barista at your local coffee shop to your Great Aunt Sally seems to brimming with advice – even if they’ve never written a manuscript. Everyone has an opinion on how to be the next best-selling author.   When you are first starting out,…

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BIG NEWS: Stowaway by Stella Quinn is an Emerald Award Finalist 2018

There are green fireworks going off on the Romance Writers of Australia blog with the announcement of the 2018 Emerald and Emerald Pro finalists for 2018. Winners are announced at the Conference in August. You can read the RWA blog here. Congratulations to all the other finalists! I feel pretty chuffed for Ben and Sabrina (Stowaway’s fab main characters) – really, they did all the hard work.  

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