Tropic Storm (Holiday Romance Novel #1)

‘Excuse me.’

     Charlotte opened her eyes and sat up abruptly, reaching out an instinctive hand to smooth down her wayward auburn curls. Oh no. Fate couldn’t be so cruel.

Romance Writers of Australia author Stella Quinn dishes up a stormy romance on the Hawaiian Islands as journalist Charlotte Wood finds herself the unwilling guest of the man who betrayed her a decade ago. How could she ever forgive him? How will she forgive herself if she falls for him again?

Charlotte is doing just fine. She works. She travels. Sure, she’s been tired lately, that’s why she’s going on holiday. Covering a news story on the Indian border has sapped her mental resources. And sure, she’s been alone for a while. But who has time for a relationship and a career anyway? She’s learned the rules the hard way: relationships don’t last, careers do.

But then she runs into Jack on a plane. Jack Diamond. Hotel magnate. Hottest guy she’s ever met. And all-round low-life. There was no way she’s getting caught up on that emotional roller-coaster again.

Fate, however, has other plans in store for Charlotte. Fate, an identity-thief, and her own uncontrollable emotions come together and plunge Charlotte headlong into a stormy relationship with the man who has already broken her heart once.

What will happen when they are trapped together one stormy night in paradise?

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