Stowaway (Holiday Romance Novel #2)

Meet Sabrina Grey. London doctor. Social A-lister. Sabrina has lived her life following the rules and excelling at being responsible. She’s organised. She’s dedicated. And she’s just made a terrible mistake. She’s run away to Antigua to clear her head – it’s as far away from London as she can get.

Ben Ryan looks like more like a buccaneer than an IT expert. He does as he pleases, and at the moment it pleases him to sail his luxury yacht in the Carribean, helping out his friends at their turtle conservation research post.

When Ben discovers Sabrina in his boat one morning, out to sea in the middle of the ocean, it’s hard to know who is the more surprised. Or suspicious.

Ben’s been hunted by women before. You don’t sell your IT company for a multi-million dollar price tag without picking up some unwanted attention on the way.

But there’s a complication. Ben finds Sabrina delectable. What is he going to do about the feelings he has for the woman who might be trying to manipulate him?

Sabrina finds herself equally at sea. She has always known where she was going. A specialty. A vocation working in the hospitals of London. A role within her family’s public life. But now? For the first time in her life, Sabrina is starting to doubt the future she has planned for herself. A future that has no place in it for Ben.

And Ben’s and Sabrina’s doubts aren’t the only problems facing them. Because at the conservation post, someone’s been stealing turtle eggs. On a nearby island, a young volunteer is murdered for interrupting a group of poachers.

How will Ben and Sabrina react when the dangers ahead of them threaten not only their plans, but their lives?

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