October 2018

The Travelling Heart: a book lover's journey to romantic destinations with Stella Quinn

The Travelling Heart: a journey with author Megan Mayfair

LATITTUDE 37.8136° S, LONGTUDE 144.9631° E This month, The Travelling Heart talks to author Megan Mayfair about the settings that inspired her recently released women’s fiction title, The Things We Leave Unsaid, and its two soon-to-be-released companion novels.  What romantic destination did you choose for your novel, and why? I decided that my hometown of Melbourne was the perfect setting for The Things We Leave Unsaid. It’s a diverse, multicultural city with a fabulous food and coffee scene. Tessa’s café was inspired by the sorts of cafes I see in my local area and greater Melbourne. How bookworthy is Melbourne as a setting? I’ve lived in Melbourne my whole life and feel it is a great setting. Hidden laneways, trendy bars, amazing galleries and dinging trams make it atmospheric and interesting. Not to mention the weather – it’s kind of a character on its own! Melbourne pops up a bit…

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