January 2018

Upcoming Famous and Fabulous Romance Writers

The Upcoming Famous and Fabulous Romance Writers are five aspiring and emerging RWA members. Like many new RWA members, we worry about our skills, we have pride in our growing accomplishments, and we are nervous about whether we can ‘make it’. In 2018, we are guest bloggers for Romance Writers of Australia, where we will be sharing our journey from newbies to (fingers crossed, hearts wildly beating) accomplished writers. Read our January 2018 blog post here We connected at the RWA Conference 2017 in Brisbane, and formed a support group that has become an important step in our writing journey. We can be found on Facebook (click on our names below). We’d love you to come visit. Jayne Kingsley Marianne Bayliss Megan Mayfair Lou Greene Stella Quinn  

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