Memories of Love

The Travelling Heart: a book lover's journey to romantic destinations with Stella Quinn

The Travelling Heart: a journey with author MC D’Alton

LATITUDE 26.6500° S, LONGITUDE 153.0667° E This month, The Travelling Heart talks to author MC D’Alton about using the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia as a setting in her contemporary suspense novella, Memories of Love: True Love never Dies. What made you choose the Sunshine Coast as your romantic destination? The Sunshine Coast was our first home when we arrived in Australia 8 years ago from South Africa. I fell in love with the people and their cruisey approach to life, not to mention the spectacular surroundings, beaches, nature walks and the simplicity the area brings to family living. Also, it makes for the perfect romantic setting 😉 Just how bookworthy is it? As a setting, the Sunny Coast (as locals love to call it) has all the lure of beach town living. From Noosa down to Caloundra, the beaches are pristine, the surfing amazing, and vibe, addictive.  There are hotels and motels, and stunning caravan parks a plenty. Restaurants to give any eatery in Melbourne a run for their money, and the markets are like no other; one simply has to drive up into local Eumundi, Montville or Melany to experience the exquisite art and music culture first hand. I do not take us up into the hinterland as the story did not ask for it and instead kept us close to the ocean. I love water, and the ocean often reflects to me what is going on inside a person’s life, heart and soul. While it is not an island, the sunshine coast is incredibly exotic and original in a unique way. There is so much beauty which surrounds a person. The cerulean waters which rush up on to the white, sun bleached sand. The spectacular talent of local artists and restaurateurs. It’s romance waiting to blossom! I…

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