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The Travelling Heart: a book lover's journey to romantic destinations with Stella Quinn

The Travelling Heart: a journey with author Darry Fraser

LATITUDE 35.9667° S, LONGITUDE 145.6500° E This month, The Travelling Heart talks to author Darry Fraser about the settings that inspired her historical rural romances.  What romantic destinations have you chosen for your novels, and why? Daughter of the Murray and Where The Murray River Runs are set on the banks of the Murray River, in Victoria, Australia. The Murray River has been in my blood since the mid sixties when as a child the family moved to Swan Hill for Dad’s job. I guess country has always been in my blood though I’m the only one of three kids all born in the city who took to the bush as soon as I could. There’s a serenity about the river, and it has a strength that, even though we humans continue to muck it up, seems to say that no matter what, it will prevail. It truly is a mighty river.   For The Widow of Ballarat (out Nov 2018) the setting is the Ballarat goldfields and it opens immediately after the Eureka stockade battle in 1854. My premise here was that while women continued to struggle as chattels in a marriage, the working man did not have a vote until after the Eureka crisis. The new miner’s right paper stated that anyone who paid for the paper would have a vote. At the time, it wasn’t gender specific – by accident. Had women been as one, and ready, they might have secured a vote in the 1860s. But as that didn’t happen, women who had found themselves independent on the goldfields were once again relegated to the kitchen by the end of the boom. How book-worthy are your settings? There’s writer’s romance to a river setting, no question. Plenty of authors would have used the Murray, notably one, Nancy Cato,…

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