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Why I read romance

I am up to page 16 of a novel by Stephanie Laurens. I’m feeling a little tired, a little harassed. I live in a busy house, filled with noise and bluster and rigmarole, and some days the frenetic pace of it all makes me happy. But not today. It’s a Monday – the kids are back at school, and I don’t have to be at work until the next day. My coffee arrives. It is early, and spring sunshine is falling over my face, my arm, the table in the corner where I habitually sit. And I turn the page, feeling like I am just starting to know the characters in this book, to inhabit, in a tiny way, their lives – and I realise that parts of me I didn’t know were tense have suddenly relaxed. It is like a chemical reaction in my brain, my body. And then I remember. This is why I read romance.

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