June 2018

RWA Blog #6: Cracking the W.I.P

This month, the Upcoming Fabulous & Famous Romance Writers turned their minds to their WIPS. What is making them tear their hair out? What’s working? Check out the full blog on the Romance Writers of Australia website here. Or … read it in full below 🙂   Challenges new writers face with their Works In Progress Everyone has a WIP on the go, right? A Work-In-Progress? Or maybe you have three on the go, or eight, and a hard-drive stuffed with gigabytes of words you’ll never deem fit to print. This month, the Upcoming Famous & Fabulous Romance Writers thought we’d share our current WIP dramas and triumphs with you. We especially hope that any newbies out there who are feeling a little flayed will find some encouragement in our words. You’re not alone! HELP NEEDED! STELLA QUINN’S WIP FELL INTO A PLOT HOLE I started the new year feeling pretty cocky (!) about my plan for manuscript #3. I had a plan (which I don’t often have): 27 scenes mapped out, and a schedule to knock out 55, 000 words before March 31. Well, it’s May 14 and I’m at 22,000. So, what went wrong? The answer (this time) is plot. For manuscript #3 I decided to detour down the darker narrative alleyway known as Romantic Suspense. Which meant, ummm, something suspenseful had to happen. So I threw in bad guys. A car chase. A drug baron with an Eastern European accent and an unexplained scar. A narrow escape from a crooked customs officer. A backstory steeped in wounded valiance and brooding machismo. But none of this was working because my underlying story was missing something and it took me a while (weeks) to work out what that missing something was. My WIP’s plot was missing credibility. Now that I…

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